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Expert tips, horse ownership options, and memorable VIP experiences

Daily VIP

$10.00One Time Payment

Experience 1 Day of VIP Tips, and if you don't profit, the next day is on us.

To pay and receive tips, simply message The Owners Circle Facebook Page, or reach out to us on our Public Facebook Page.

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Monthly VIP

$50.00Per Month

Experience a month of daily sport and racing tips!

Get exclusive access to regular competitions, amazing horse ownership opportunities, and VIP Raceday Events for a truly unique adventure.

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SAVE $50!

Biannual VIP

$250.00Per 6 Months

Receive all the fantastic benefits of our monthly package, including daily sport and racing tips, regular competitions, horse ownership opportunities, and VIP Raceday Events for a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Hold your Horses!

Even if you’re a VIP member already, there’s an even higher league that promises significantly enhanced profits and exclusive benefits.

Monthly MVP

$99.00Per Month

Garuanteed minimum 15% extra profit than VIP!

VIP perks, promotion strategies, bookie selection guidance, bonus bet turnover tactics, monthly results tracking, and priority access to VIP Events.

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Annual MVP

$1188.00Per Year

Embrace the Annual MVP Membership.

A year-long journey to elite privileges, ensuring a guaranteed minimum 15% extra profit over VIP along with a suite of exclusive benefits tailored for your success.

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Lifetime MVP

$999.00One-Off Payment

Upgrade to Lifetime Membership with a single payment.

Offering MVP-level privileges for life, including all the perks, guaranteed minimum 15% extra profit over VIP, and even more perpetual benefits.

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