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Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t. It is important that every serious punter tracks their betting performance and understands what’s going out and what’s coming back in.

At The Owner’s Circle X Mr Pineapple MVP, we take our punting serious and track all our VIP Bets on a daily basis. By tracking our VIP Tips, it keeps a record of our wagers, wins, and losses. This allows us and our VIP Members to have a clear understanding of the overall financial performance. It helps determine if we are making a profit or not and whether we need to adjust our betting strategy. Without proper tracking, it can be challenging to assess betting patterns and make informed decisions.


VIP November 2023 Stats

Total Units Invested 508.50
Total Units Returned 531.70
ROI % 4.60%
Total Profit +23.20 Units ✅
That's $2,320 Dollars profit for a $100/unit punter this month so far


So Far this Year
March 2023 +104.71 Units Profit ✅
April 2023 +54.84 Units Profit ✅
May 2023 +50.02 Units Profit ✅
June 2023 -8.65 Units Profit ✖️
July 2023 +97.23 Units Profit ✅
August 2023 +52.03 Units Profit ✅
September 2023 +113.97 Units Profit ✅
October 2023 +5.94 Units Profit✅
November 2023 +23.20 Units Profit✅
That's $49,325 Profit for a $100/u punter
+ 0 UNITS ✅
Return on Investment
% 0 ROI

READY to join VIp and start making a second income ?

At The Owner’s Circle, Mr. Pineapple has different VIP Packages to suit all types of Punters. You can purchase Daily, Monthly and even Biannual Packages. All VIP Memberships get exclusive access to regular competitions, amazing horse ownership opportunities, and VIP Raceday Events for a truly unique adventure.

To view all the VIP Packages, head over to the Memberships Page.


Daily FREE TIPS for everyone

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